Identifying Your Personal Blind Spots

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Identifying Your Personal Blind Spots

We all have them; the scary thing is we don’t know what they are until we take a moment to identify them. Most of us see ourselves as “better than average” when we think of our positive character traits. Unfortunately, those around us don’t always agree. Those areas of discrepancy are what I call my blind spots. Blind Spot BlogOften times when I make a conscious effort to self-reflect, I know there’s going to be things that need my attention. It can be scary to think about how our actions have an adverse impact on others, especially if you don’t realize you’ve done anything wrong until it’s too late. I think that’s why people avoid assessing their own behaviors and continue their daily lives without apologizing or changing how they treat others. This is why identifying our blind spots is so important. Have you ever said to yourself, “does that person even know what they’re doing or how they make people feel?” Chances are someone has said the same about you. In both cases the answer is probably, no because they have blind spots that have not been identified.

I encourage you to take a look at your blind spots, no matter how scary they may be. Identify areas of your life where you can be more understanding, more patient, more kind, more loving, more thoughtful, more giving, more relatable, more reliable, more focused, more faithful, and more grateful. Don’t stop there. Also look at those areas where you can be less critical, less argumentative, less dismissive, less condescending, less sarcastic, less selfish and less judgmental.

I guarantee, when you open your heart and mind to identify your personal blind spots you allow the opportunity for your own personal growth.

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