Learning To Love Yourself

Embrace your true self. I often hear this phrase and it puzzles me every time. Aren’t we all rediscovering ourselves and those around us everyday? Embracing who you really are seems to imply that one doesn’t want to embrace who they really are or that they are hiding who they really are. Either could be true in some cases but I would much rather open my eyes to see my imperfections so that I can begin the process of realization. Once we realize an area in our life that requires more attention, those areas are not to be hidden from those around us but must be faced head-on. Why do we hide from our imperfections when others are watching? Loving yourself does not mean accepting that which is not meant for good in our life but it means you are one step closer to creating a better person in yourself. Many times we’re discovering the wrong in others and not self reflecting. Take some time to self reflect. Don’t be afraid of what you might see but see the opportunity to rekindle the love you have for yourself. Just imagine the good that will come out of the new and improved you. Share your thoughts.

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