Identifying Your Personal Blind Spots

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Identifying Your Personal Blind Spots

We all have them; the scary thing is we don’t know what they are until we take a moment to identify them. Most of us see ourselves as “better than average” when we think of our positive character traits. Unfortunately, those around us don’t always agree. Those areas of discrepancy are what I call my blind spots. Blind Spot BlogOften times when I make a conscious effort to self-reflect, I know there’s going to be things that need my attention. It can be scary to think about how our actions have an adverse impact on others, especially if you don’t realize you’ve done anything wrong until it’s too late. I think that’s why people avoid assessing their own behaviors and continue their daily lives without apologizing or changing how they treat others. This is why identifying our blind spots is so important. Have you ever said to yourself, “does that person even know what they’re doing or how they make people feel?” Chances are someone has said the same about you. In both cases the answer is probably, no because they have blind spots that have not been identified.

I encourage you to take a look at your blind spots, no matter how scary they may be. Identify areas of your life where you can be more understanding, more patient, more kind, more loving, more thoughtful, more giving, more relatable, more reliable, more focused, more faithful, and more grateful. Don’t stop there. Also look at those areas where you can be less critical, less argumentative, less dismissive, less condescending, less sarcastic, less selfish and less judgmental.

I guarantee, when you open your heart and mind to identify your personal blind spots you allow the opportunity for your own personal growth.

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Learning To Love Yourself

Embrace your true self. I often hear this phrase and it puzzles me every time. Aren’t we all rediscovering ourselves and those around us everyday? Embracing who you really are seems to imply that one doesn’t want to embrace who they really are or that they are hiding who they really are. Either could be true in some cases but I would much rather open my eyes to see my imperfections so that I can begin the process of realization. Once we realize an area in our life that requires more attention, those areas are not to be hidden from those around us but must be faced head-on. Why do we hide from our imperfections when others are watching? Loving yourself does not mean accepting that which is not meant for good in our life but it means you are one step closer to creating a better person in yourself. Many times we’re discovering the wrong in others and not self reflecting. Take some time to self reflect. Don’t be afraid of what you might see but see the opportunity to rekindle the love you have for yourself. Just imagine the good that will come out of the new and improved you. Share your thoughts.

Tradition Embraces Family Unity

Tra•di•tion (noun) Webster’s Dictionary describes tradition as (a) an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior. (b) The handing down of information, beliefs and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instruction.

Think of a tradition you had in your family growing up as a child. What were some of those traditions? Some may remember subtle traditions such as: a father’s kiss on the head before leaving home for school each day or a mother’s prayer before bed or making deserts for the holidays.

Others may remember trips to grandmas in the summer or family dinner on Sunday or a special call that you receive on their birthday each year. As a child, I remember how nice it was to anticipate family gatherings, annual road trips, and helping my mom in the kitchen on Saturday evening to prepare dinner for Sunday afternoon. These memories still make me smile.

All of these are traditions and what brings about unity within a family. Traditions are a reminder that we have so much life to live and so much to be grateful for. When pressed with the obligations of our lives, it’s easy to let traditions slip away or to not slow down enough to create lasting memories. Families are so busy with work, school and activities that it may be difficult to even think of starting a tradition. With the holidays approaching this would be a great opportunity to begin a new tradition in your family. Here are some ideas to help get you started.

1. Volunteer as a family.

2. Serve food to the less fortunate.

3. Pick a day of the week to call a distant friend or family member.

4. If you don’t usually host dinners, invite friends and family over for games and dessert.

5. Give a gag gift and pass it on to another family member the next year.

6. Set aside a night to watch a holiday movie with family.

7. Have children make an ornament and send to family (be sure to include their name and year).

8. Tree of Thanksgiving: Have family write a note of what they’re thankful for and add it to the tree. Share tree (and notes) with family on Thanksgiving Day.

9. Video of Thanksgiving: Have someone take small private video clips of family members saying what they’re thankful for and share the video with family as a group on Thanksgiving Day.

10. Present a baked good or gift to a neighbor, friend or family member.

I would love to hear about your family traditions and/or ideas to help others start traditions within their family. Feel free to share.

Love promotes Diversity & Inclusion

We have the opportunity to change this world for the better by what we teach our children. Are we leading by example? Are we fostering their development as it relates to diversity & inclusion at an early age? The children in our lives are watching our relationships and our interactions with not only friends and family but those who are outside of our circle as well. By demonstrating love in the common things we do each day, it helps to create a world where love is expressed and recognized even before differences are understood.

In my book, “What Does Love Really Mean?” my son Jackson is learning that love is not only a feeling but an action as well. I firmly believe that there is an indescribable value in understanding how to walk in love. Diversity and Inclusion should play a huge role in the decisions we make. If diversity and inclusion are not encouraged, it leaves room for omission, bias and prejudice. It’s not enough to introduce diversity experiences to our children. We must show them by accepting the differences in this world and appreciating the value in those differences. Love is the key to the change we are looking for in our lives. Live in love! Walk in love! An amazing story lives within all of us.

Let me know your thoughts on this subject by posting a comment below. Healthy discussion promotes healthy learning.

Small Changes Make Big Differences!

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Small Changes Make Big Differences!

The summer is approaching and many of us are doing some “Spring Cleaning” in our homes, cars and offices. How does it make you feel to clean? For me I feel refreshed, like I have a new start at getting organized. The air seems much lighter, the rooms seem much brighter and I feel so relieved knowing that I’ve finally taken the time to do what has been needed.

My husband and I decided this spring that after being in our home for nearly 10 years that we would do something to make us fall in love with our home all over again. We decided to change the flooring throughout the house and it turned out beautiful. It’s amazing that one small change made such a big difference in the look and feel of the home.

Small changes make big differences! I related this concept to my family and asked each of my kids to think of one to two things that they would work on throughout the summer. Of course they asked lots of questions but we eventually determined things that we could each work on. Even after only a few days AND a few reminders from me they started to make changes on their own. Small changes make big differences! As we work on things in our lives that are holding us back from being our best, we will notice the big differences that it makes in the way we feel about ourselves and in the way others see us.

What are your thoughts? What are some of the small changes you’ve made that created a big difference in your life? Please share your thoughts and experiences.