Featured Character Trait

MAY LOVELove is not only a feeling but also an action.

Discussion Question: How do you show someone that you love them?

JUNE PERSERVERANCETo keep trying even when things get difficult.

Discussion: Think of something that was really tough.  Did you keep trying?

JULY RESPONSIBILITYDoing what should be done even when you’re not asked to do it.  Doing your chores without being told is a great example.

Discussion Question:  What is something you can do to show that you’re learning to be responsible?

AUGUST COURAGENot letting fear stop you from doing something new.  Facing your fears and working to overcome them.

Discussion Question: Who is someone that has shown courage?

SEPTEMBER CARINGShowing Kindness and compassion.  Being helpful.

Activity:  Make a list of ways someone has been caring toward you.  Make a list of how you can be caring to someone else.

OCTOBER RESPECTTreat others the way you want to be treated.  See the value in everyone.

Activity:  How do you like to be treated?  Do you like to receive compliments?  Give someone a compliment.

DECEMBER HONESTYTelling the truth in words and actions regardless of the consequences.  An honest person does not lie, cheat or steal.

Discussion Question:  Is it difficult to trust a person that has told you a lie?  Why?

JANUARY GRATITUDEBeing thankful someone or something.  Showing appreciation.

Activity:  Who is someone you would like to show gratitude towards?  Do something for that person to express your appreciation.