Love promotes Diversity & Inclusion

We have the opportunity to change this world for the better by what we teach our children. Are we leading by example? Are we fostering their development as it relates to diversity & inclusion at an early age? The children in our lives are watching our relationships and our interactions with not only friends and family but those who are outside of our circle as well. By demonstrating love in the common things we do each day, it helps to create a world where love is expressed and recognized even before differences are understood.

In my book, “What Does Love Really Mean?” my son Jackson is learning that love is not only a feeling but an action as well. I firmly believe that there is an indescribable value in understanding how to walk in love. Diversity and Inclusion should play a huge role in the decisions we make. If diversity and inclusion are not encouraged, it leaves room for omission, bias and prejudice. It’s not enough to introduce diversity experiences to our children. We must show them by accepting the differences in this world and appreciating the value in those differences. Love is the key to the change we are looking for in our lives. Live in love! Walk in love! An amazing story lives within all of us.

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